I’m so excited, today I reached an important chapter milestone that I planned early on. Gettin there was like getting to the top of a mountain but it left me with a choice and I had to decide if someone should live or die.

I won’t tell you here what happens, you will have to read the book to find that out.

Till my next blog entry, ttfn.


Just about finished editing to correct quoted speech, now time to carry on with chapter 3. See how far I can get today.


I learned some better writing techniques from a writer friend of mine at a writers meeting on thursday night.

Put my back out on Friday morning so spent the weekend between laying down watching TV and editing my first few chapters.

Thanks to Mrs Hatton my book is starting to look a bit more professional now.


Spent way too much time on chapter 1, then got some really good advise from Miss Collyer. Write, Write, Write. Edit, Edit, Edit later.


Got the first chapter done (still needs some editing) submitted the chapter to proposed inclusion into the Harvey Duckman Presents book of short stories.