Welcome to my new blog. I will try to keep you up to date on the latest happenings with my current book โ€œSleep!โ€ and any other works in progress that may happen along the way.

March 10, 2021

I now have my first few pages down for my next short story, it will continue on from where Splinter left off. I don’t have a definite title yet but I am considering calling it ‘The Witness’ .I have the beginning written down and I already have the ending in my head, now I just need finish writing what comes in between,

March 04, 2021

I have had an ide in my head for a while, a follow up to splinter, today I got the first few lines down, so far I’m happy with it’s direction. I am hopeful that I will meet the deadline for a future Harvey anthology

December 11 2020

Harvey Duckman volume 6 is out, fifteen unique stories all from different authors and Splinter of Hope is one of them.

Volume 6 includes stories by: Andy Hill, J.A. Wood, Mark Hayes, R. Bruce Connelly, A.D. Watts, Liz Tuckwell, Ben McQueeney, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, J.S. Collyer, Peter James Martin, C. K. Roebuck, Joseph Carrabis, Alexandrina Brant, Tony Harrison and D.T. Langdale, with a foreword from steampunk author Jon Hartless

The anthology is available to buy from Amazon on both kindle ebook and paperback too.

If you do buy and read Harvey 6, please leave a review, all the contributing authors would appreciate it more than you know.

December 08 2020

So excited, I got the fantastic news that my debut short story, Splinter of Hope is to be in Harvey Duckman Volume 6 .

This latest anthology from 6e publishing is expected to be out before Christmas and will be available initially on Kindle then later on paperback from Amazon, I will post a link here on my blog and on my twitter @CKRoebuck the moment this awesome book goes on sale. I hope that you like Spinter of Hope, it is set several milion years before Sleep and ties into it too. You could say that without Splinter there would be no Sleep.

A quick update on Sleep, I am currently about 62,000 words in and I am hoping to get a fair bit more writen over christmas whilst off work, watch this space

August 11 2020

I’m now at 48,000 words in and over half way through. My main character is about to uncover a secret or two and everything will change. I’m so excited to be getting to this point as its one of those main points in the story that I have had planned from the beginning and will also tie into the short story “Splinter of Hope” that I wrote in May. I haven’t heard if Splinter has made the cut to be included in a future Harvey Duckman Anthology yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

May 13, 2020

Its been a long month and work on Sleep has been up and down, yet it has been constantly moving forward at varying paces. I am currently at almost 40,000 words so around third of the way through at a guess. I am back at in my usual full time job so i am trying to juggle my writing inbetween. That was going well until a short interuption two days ago.

Splinter of Hope

Just two days ago I was working at me desk when i was struck by a muse, i swear that is the only way that i can describe what happened. An idea popped into my head and when I got home I immediately sat down and started to type. Then last night a tear tore its way down my face as i typed the last two lines of a new short story. A story that I had no intention or even the slightest idea I was going to write until the day before. I still don’t know where it came from but I love it. It currently does not have a permenant title but I am thinking of naming it “Splinter of Hope”. It is unlike anything that I have ever read or written before. I am hoping with much luck that if others find it good enough that it will eventaully join the ranks of short stories in the infamous Harvey Duckman Anthologies. Watch this space.

April 1, 2020 NEWS!

It seems the global pandemic that is Covid-19 has pretty much ground the world to a holt. We are all on lock down and all conventions and gatherings are cancellemd which includes I am very sad to say ScifiScarbs. Even through all of this, several writers from the stables of Harvey Duckman Presents have books coming out in the next couple of weeks as well as Harvey Duckman Present No.4 which should keep you readers busy.

I myself am currenly searching for inspiration for my own book Sleep. The story is at a critical phase where I need to get my wording just rightI am sure once I get past this stage in the story it will be once again full steam ahead.

Keep reading your books, keep safe, keep alive and I hope to see you all next year at ScifiScarbs.

April 4th 2020

Today is the day we should have been at the seaside, ScifiScarbs maybe off but the events must go on in anyway they can. Check out the video feed from the Harvey Duckman presents gang here..

Old News.

Iโ€™ll also update you on any conventions I may be attending; That being said, I have been invited to take part in the Writers Convention that is now part of ScifiScarborough, the annual .Comic-con that takes place at the ScarboroughSpa and Iโ€™m totally stoked about as it also be my first full weekend there.

The venue is awesome! Not only does it have guests from may Scifi movies and TV shows you can also buy memorabilia or take part in the cosplay. Some amazing scifi writers also attend, such as C.G.Hatton and J.S.Collyer. There you can pickup their latest works and have them signed too. You never know, you could meet the elusive Harvey Duckman..


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